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Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of Eric Seats

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all doing? :o) To brighten up your day even more, here is a rare photo of our Beloved Babygirl courtesy of Eric Seats who was one of the writers and producers on Aaliyah's self titled red album A A L I Y A H. Along with sharing the photo, he left a caption below saying...  

Eric Seats: #TBT #2000 #Aaliyah My homegirl Aaliyah chill'n at the apt before hitting The Pottery Barn with me. Rest in paradise Lil Dana, we miss you!!! #CollestEver #NY #Keybeats ES

Thank you so much for sharing this rare gem with us all, no matter how many pictures I see of Babygirl, she was always smiling, and that is truly the best way to be remembered. We will always love you no matter what Babygirl. ♥

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