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The Aaliyah Archives: News

So as some of you are aware, Zendaya finally backed down on the role for the Lifetime Biopic film titled – Aaliyah The Princess Of R&B (working title). We were told numerous and countless of things from the film being based on Aaliyah's best selling book titled 'Aaliyah: More Than A Woman'. To even telling the story behind the 'R.Kelly Conspiracy' (damn right rude and disrespectful when I heard that!). Bit allegedly and inside source has come to my attention of yet another rumor which is sparking interest at the moment. It seems as though a person who highly resembles Aaliyah has been taken into consideration and won the role instead. She goes by the name of Erika Perry and is not a bad singer either. Personally I feel (with the wishes and blessings of The Haughton's of course) that she is a much better candidate as apposed to Zendaya, who didn't really appeal to me. A tweet sent out personally from the PR team of Lifetime expressed their view on this which you can see below...

But that's not all! An exclusive email was sent from Lifetime yesterday outlining how they were quite impressed by Erika Perry

“Lifetime may have already found a replacement for their upcoming Aaliyah film in a relatively unknown new talent. Erika Perry, a 20-year-old Atlanta-native performed with her sisters as part of the group Amor Kismet at the BET Experience on Saturday. Although Zendaya’s departure wasn’t announced yet, Lifetime execs were already in the know and scoped out Perry’s performance. So impressed with her talent and likeness to Aaliyah, they immediately set up additional meetings for Perry that weekend in Los Angeles. Things are expected to move even faster this week to keep production on schedule.”

(Source –

Check out some of Erika's pictures and videos of her singing via her Instagram page @vintagebullet

If the Family agree, and if Erika Perry has a shot, then I would not be mad at all. What do you guys think? Check out some pictures of her below


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