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They Call Me Timbaland: Narrated By Playa (Official Mixtape)

So since Christmas is fast approaching, and I am a generous, giving person, I would like to share with you all an official mixtape released by Timbaland which is narrated by Playa crew members Smoke E. Digglera and Digital Black. This is my way of just saying a huge thank you to all my loyal readers, fans, followers, etc... who have been down for me from day one. I appreciate you all, so thank you for your support :o) (If you would like to have this mixtape please email me via and I shall personally email it to you.) 

I highly recommend this mixtape to anyone just to listen to the narration by Smokey and Black, since they share a lot of their memories in the studio, how they came about meeting Timbo and even the making of 'Are You That Somebody', which of course has some Static and Aaliyah memories! With 49 classic joints mixed by Dj Supa and other respected DJ's in the game, you can't really go wrong! ;) Thank you for sharing these personal, fond memories, since it means everything to all of us Aaliyah/Playa fans :o) 

Having just finished listening to this mixtape, all I can say is that this really makes me miss the sound of the 90's. Timbo's innovation in music back then was so ahead of it's time, it amazes me how all of those classic joints still have no expiration date! The fact that Timbo and Ginuwine have announced of them finally coming together to work on a new project, truly gives me hope for Timbo to bring some of that old skool flavor we all know and love from the man. It's about time these two finally united right? So make sure you keep tabs on them, because I have a feeling Timbo is gonna bring back some of that magic back in the game, so watch out! 

I have said this before, but I will say this again. I really think musically, Timbaland's music got effected by the tragic loss of our beloved Babygirl, and since than, he has never been quite the same. However, recently I have heard a lot of new beats from Timbaland through a new artist call Tink (who y'all should check out since she can sing and rap!), and I feel a part of him has finally woken up and realised what is missing from the music industry. With that being said, I am positive that we shall be hearing some greatness from Timbo in the new year to come. :o) ;)

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