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Aaliyah & Rashad: Rare Photo

Courtesy to AaliyahAlways for coming across this rare gem via Rashad's Twitter! This is such a beautiful picture of both of them! I also noticed that it bares resemblance to another one I showed you guys awhile back, and thanks to my great visual memory I was correct! ;) This picture was taken in 1996 at @iamchachiiii Homecoming with Aaliyah. If you look carefully, her outfit is exactly the same in both pictures (You can check this out below). Her date also confirmed that this was taken at his parents house, and that the picture on the wall (above) is of his sister. Aaliyah's date was also on the other side of her but cropped out of the picture with Rashad.

It's always nice to know these little facts behind each picture, so thank you for sharing that information with us all :o)

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