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Aaliyah Archives: News (EXCLUSIVE)

So as you guys know, I recently shared with you all some video snippets from producer Eric Seats who worked with the red album crew. He was kind enough to share his original working files from Aaliyah's Rock The Boat and It's Whatever, plus and added bonus of a never before heard official remix of Rock The Boat, which was created back in 2001! Wow! All I can say is that this sounds really current! Hardly surprising considering how Aaliyah's last album still sounds fresh to this day. All the producers on this album really knew what they were doing, and it shows since they have created longevity within their body of work. 

Now we all know that this year has been a tough one for all TRUE Aaliyah fans out there, with everything that has been going on with this 'film drama'. I refuse to even acknowledge this ignorance on my blog anymore, since I just wanna keep it drama and negative free. I began this journey of blogging through positivity and it shall remain that way! :o) 

With every bad moment, some good always tends to prevail over, and I am so excited to announce that all the producers from Aaliyah's self titled red album, will be uniting to make a special tribute on her 36th Birthday next year! How dope is that right? :D I have already shared with you a couple remixes which have come to surface already, so my guesses are that a remix album might be in the works. Ok, so I am not one for blowing my own trumpet, as I am humble as they can get, but I remember ages ago speaking to Eric Seats and mentioned the idea of a remix album and how all the producers from that album should come together. Here is the conversation we had which you can view below...

As you can see Eric agreed :o) I was also being a little cheeky towards the end! Lol! Can't blame a girl for trying though! ;) To hear Aaliyah's accapella on her red album would be amazing though! :D With that being said, I am glad the man has stuck by his word, because now, he's putting everything into action! Woooo! :D Seats also mentioned that he is planning to put the Rock The Boat (remix) version on his Sidooo Vol 2 album. So be sure to peep that out in the near future. If you still need more convincing, here's another conversation with the likes of J-Dub, Bud'da and Smoke E. Digglera talking about this special Birthday tribute :o)

And here's another one where Eric Seats himself, confirms this with one of my favorite Aaliyah fan pages Maximum Aaliyah ;) 2015 definitely plans on being a good year for all Aaliyah fans! Are you ready? #TeamAaliyah ;) :D

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