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Aaliyah: Snippet Of 'I Can Be' (Bud'da Remix)

Ok, so normally I am not late on these kinda things, but a huge thanks to @missaaliyahdana from Instagram who brought this to my attention, otherwise I would of not known about this at all! Awhile ago, during the celebration of our beloved Babygirl's 35th Birthday, producer Budd'a, who you all know helped production wise on the red album, (along with many others) posted this audio snippet in honor of her. I can honestly say that this has given me life right now. Expect to hear new remixes in the near future! ;) We are not sure when he is planning to release these, but I will no doubt keep an eye out for when he does. He left off saying with this beautiful caption...

Bud'da: Happy 35th Birthday Baby Girl! I'm so grateful to have been your friend for a brief moment! We truly miss you #Aaliyah @therealtank @smokedigglera @zenmix @blackfromplaya @dubzworld @raptracks @staticmajor502 #babygirl #redalbum #memories #icanbe

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