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Aaliyah: The X Factor

So since The X factor has come back on again here in the UK, I thought it would be appropriate to share an old video I came across awhile back of Aaliyah's 'Try Again' performance on The Rose O'Donnell Show. Now I have to say, the editing in this video is on point. This video portrays perfectly how Aaliyah would of been introduced on a live show of X Factor, if she were still around. Props to Lewwspally87 for making such a realistic edit! In their video description they go on to say this...

"I was just messing around with this edit. I am a fan of The X-Factor and I enjoy the introduction videos they play for musical guests, so I wanted to do a LiLi version. The songs chosen were based upon best recorded vocals and the songs she is best known for. I also included a performance of Try Again so the video flows normally like it does in the show. How amazing would an Aaliyah night be on this show!? Anyway, this is just a skit but I hope you guys like it."

I for one most certainly LOVE IT! Even the voice over is spot on! Anyhoo, peep the video below and enjoy! ;) :o)

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