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Dr.Doolittle Soundtrack: Are You That Somebody?

Are You That Somebody was a Grammy nominated single for the Best R&B Vocal Performance (rightly deserved too!) Babygirl recorded this for the film soundtrack Dr.Dolittle. The song itself was written and composed by Playa's Static Major, who also sang backing vocals alongside with Aaliyah. Timbaland, who also contributed to writing and producing was featured as a guest rap for the track.

Now as a lot of you Aaliyah fans know, the song samples a baby cooing/murmuring, but do you guys know where it was originally sampled from? Well for those who don't it was originally sampled from Perry And Kingsley's – Countdown at 6 (1966). There is also another sample used from D.Train – You're The One For Me, which was a dance classic in 1982.

Personally, I love this video as Aaliyah looks very oriental with her hair parted in sections. Her style of dancing is so effortless as it just came naturally to her. Even the use of make-up, I don't know too many women who could pull off a grey lipstick shade and still make it look hot. But I guess that's what Babygirl was all about, she could make anything look hot without even trying. Well with that being said...please watch and enjoy! :o)

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