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Missy Elliott & Da Brat ft. Aaliyah: Stickin' Chickens

Released: June 22nd 1999
Recorded: 1998 – 1999
Label: The Goldmind Inc/EastWest Records America/Elektra

Da Real World is Missy Elliot's second studio album, which shows a more darker, raunchier style to Missy's music. During the time it was released, it also featured a comeback from female rapper Lil' Kim who took a break from the music industry when Notorious B.I.G. had passed away. As for guest appearances, not only is Aaliyah featured on the album, but it also shows the likes of Timbaland, Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Lil' Mo, Nicole, Beyoncé, Eminem, Lady Saw, Da Brat, Big Boi from Outkast, MC Solaar and Redman. (Wooo, that's a lot of guests appearances right?) The album is also dedicated to the victims of the Columbine High School massacre  which happened on 20th April 1999. As for reviews, it definitely received a lot of positive feedback despite the rawness of the lyrics.

Now one of the songs I will be talking about is Stickin' Chickens featuring Aaliyah. This songs goes hard in terms of relations, where you find out the person you are with is cheating on you. The title itself literally means that, with the 'chickens' showing reference to other women or 'chicks' who you mess with, constantly 'stuck' to them. The song also features female rapper Da Brat, who I have to say goes really hard on this track and topic matter. We all know cheating is not cool, so why do it? But what's even worse is cheating with your significant others friends, that's where you have to draw the line, and this song talks about that very scenario. To anyone who has gone or is going through this right now, here's a track which I'm sure you all can relate to. Enjoy! :o)

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