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Playa ft. Aaliyah: One Man Woman

Released: March 24th 1998
Recorded: August 1997 – February 1998
Label: Def Soul

Cheers 2 U is the debut studio album from R&B group Playa. The album was originally meant to be called Eponymously and to be released earlier for October 1997, however later on Static (A.K.A.-Static Major R.I.P) named the album Cheers 2 U after one of their songs. Production wise, it was mostly Smokey (last picture above) and our main man Timbaland who were responsible for this album. In terms of reviews for this album, we have a guy called Lee Stanley from Allmusic describing the album as – "A promising debut" and also referred to the body of work as – "A debut of enormous potential". 

Personally, I love everything about this song both musically and lyrically as I listen to it quite often. The whole concept of the song is self explanatory from the track title alone. This is one song which a lot of people can relate to on finding that one special person in their life, that makes them happy. They haven't got time to be messing around with anyone else and just want that 'one man woman' or 'one lady man' to complete them. :o) If only people could write lyrics like this today! It truly shows the essence of what real relations and love is all about. As always, Aaliyah sounds great on this track blending those harmonies to perfection.

Now normally I don't do this, but I am also going to share with you guys a cover version of this song which I happen to really like by Jeremy Passion and Tori Kelly. Obviously, no one can ever replicate and beat an original of a song unless it's REALLY good, but these guys did a great rendition where I'm sure Aaliyah would of been really flattered and proud of. Just to show you how great these guys are, here's a description of the video from youtube where I quote Passion saying –

"The always amazing and beautiful Tori Kelly came down to San Diego to record some vocals for my first full-length album at Jesse Barrera's studio. 

Just to show you how amazing this woman is, She JUST heard this song by Playa feat. Aaliyah (R.I.P babygirl) for the first time right before we recorded this! Literally practiced like 2 times! (Amazing.. I know!). She seriously gives me chills and am very honored to have her on the album. 

I'm a 90's music kid and I love R&B and "One Man Woman" was always a song I loved listening to (Not many people know the group Playa... R.I.P Static Major). 
Enjoy and thanks for all your support!"

All I can say is wow! Simply amazing right? From not knowing about the song, and only practicing twice and to pull off such a great cover? Major props for that! Anyways, please check out the videos below to listen to both. Enjoy! :o)  

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