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R.Kelly ft. Aaliyah: Summer Bunnies (Remix)

Released: July 1994
Recorded: 1993
Label: Jive Records

Apologies for the poor image quality, I searched high and low, but this is the best one I could find! Anyhoo, here's a not so familiar track which personally I had totally forgotten about myself until now. Summer Bunnies whole concept is generally about viewing women in a sexual way which you can clearly see from the remix version featuring Aaliyah. I was quite shocked when I saw this myself, since this was during a time where Hip-Hop was becoming more corrupt in the sense of exploiting women as sex objects. If you watch closely, there's a certain scene where the only thing which is blurred out is R.Kelly 'copping a feel' of all the 'bunnies' around him. Back then this was perfectly innocent and acceptable. Damn how times have changed! 

Now obviously as you guys are aware of the whole controversy behind R.Kelly and Babygirl you would think ok, why is Babygirl on such a explicit track? Especially at such a tender young age? But don't fret, Aaliyah was always very strong minded person when it came to her own personal image and the way she was perceived to others. Morally and ethically she always made sure she was comfortable with what she was doing, the saying "Keep it classy not trashy" comes to mind. Essentially, that is exactly what she did, which you can see from the video alone of her being fully covered in her loose fit, baggy clothing. You gotta give props for someone who can wear a style like that yet still hold their own, now that's REAL sex appeal!

With any track, again it is always good to know where your music samples are coming from. So here's a little music history lesson for you all. The original Summer Bunnies on the album version samples the 1982 Gap Band's – Outstanding, whereas the remix version samples the 1970's hit The Spinners – It's A Shame. You can check these out down below. But all in all, the remix version is definitely a 90's summer jam, similar to that of Will Smith's - Summer Time. Anyways, enjoy the bootyful, oops I mean beautiful scenery! :o)

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