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Nas ft. Aaliyah: You Won't See Me Tonight

Released: April 6th 1999
Recorded: 1998 – 1999
Label: Columbia Records

I Am... is the third studio album release from one of my all time favorite rappers Nas. The album itself debuted at number one on the charts, selling over 470'000 copies within the first week! Originally the album was meant to be a double album titled I Am...The Autobiography, but because most of his original tracks were bootlegged, Nas was left with no choice but to discard many songs on the album and just stick to one CD disc. Now you can only imagine the frustration he was going through back then, as internet technology was such a new concept to people. To have your tracks leaked over the internet kinda devalues the artists work in a way where you are too lazy to even buy the album content and pay respect to their work. In all honesty, I believe that if we didn't have the internet people would still buys CD's rather then trying to download them for free. It's quite a shame, but it goes to show the sign of the times.

Here's a song off Nas's album where Aaliyah features on the song You Won't See Me Tonight. Again this song talks about real relationship trials and tribulations. The song talks about how a woman is fed up of a man being too busy for her, rather than putting his woman first as a priority, he just takes her for granted. This in toll leads to the – Why are you always so busy?, When do you have time for me? Are you cheating on me? Let's face it ladies, all of us from one time or another have been through this situation to the point where you end up being Sherlock Holmes (not something I would advise, as you clearly don't trust the person you are with if you have to resort to extreme measures). But the fact of the matter is that it does happen. The song title itself embodies this message too, where Aaliyah sings the hook – 

"You won't see me tonight, you won't see me tomorrow, I'll be gone by daylight, and you'll be so full of sorrow, you'll go tell all your friends, how you called and I follow, but you won't see me tonight, no you won't see me tomorrow".

Truer words have never been spoken! Now at the same time, being the diplomatic person that I am there are always two sides to a story (bit of Ginuwine comes to mind there! lol), so in defense for the men, maybe your man is too busy and as a woman you need to hold it down and support him in whatever he ventures in. The last thing a man wants is to hear a woman constantly nagging, so be the stress reliever in the relationship and make him forget about his worries. However, I do believe making time for one another is of high importance, but others may argue that absence makes the heart grow fonder. What do you think? Anyhoo I digress, this track is definitely one to add to your playlist. Timbaland yet again delivers his fine production skills on this dope beat. Lyrically, Nas delivers as always. Anyways, please check out the video below. Enjoy guys! :o)

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