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R.Kelly: Your Body's Callin' (His & Hers Extended Remix)

Released: March 1994
Recorded: 1993
Label: Jive

Now here's a slow jam which babies were most certainly made from. Your body's Callin' was a 1994 hit single from R.Kelly's album 12 Play. He also released a remix version where Aaliyah (his protege at the time) titled the remix 'His & Her's' where you'll find it on his Remix City Volume 1 album. I definitely feel that this song was aimed at Aaliyah, which is kinda disturbing knowing how young she was at the time to be singing such a mature, grown track. Although I do like the remix version since both R.Kelly's and Aaliyah's vocals unify together nicely, I can't help but wonder what was going on behind the scenes. The song however proved to be successful in the top 20 pop hit charts reaching to number 2. It unfortunately got held back one place by our very own Babygirl's – Back And Fourth and also Janet Jackson's – Any Time, Any Place. Bad luck there R.Kelly!

As you've seen in previous posts, I have shown a lot of samples where artists/DJ's/producers have either sampled a lyric, chorus or beat. In 1996 a guy called Norman Brown did a cover of this song which you can find on his album Better Days Ahead. You can check out this version down below with all the other video's. :o) It doesn't stop there though, the song was later sampled again by hip-hop producer DJ Premier who sampled Kelly singing 'It's Unbelievable' for The Notorious B.I.G.'s track Unbelievable which is off his Ready To Die Album. This was also released later in 1994, where a lot of great artists were at their all time peak. And if you really want to go all the wayyyyy back, the song also sampled The Isley Brothers – Warm Summer Nights from the album Eternal. Again, you can peep all these samples down below. Anyhoo, enjoy guys! Please feel free to leave comments too! :o)

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