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Anastasia Soundtrack: Journey To The Past

Here is one of Aaliyah's soundtracks for the film Anastasia. It was released as a single from the album Journey To The Past and was also featured as the seventh single in her studio album One In A Million. I personally remember watching this film as a little girl and instantly fell in love with it. The fact that Aaliyah contributed to it, just added as a bonus for me. It was released in 1997, as you can clearly tell as we see a young Aaliyah acting as a role model for all the other younger girls out there. From this video alone, you can really tell that she was great with the kids. I also like the mixture of animation within in it, as it's something all the children liked back then. I find that children (specifically us 80's/90's babies) enjoyed a lot of simpler stuff back then, such as the double dutch/skipping ropes, riding bikes and generally having a good time without the aids of modern technology such as mobile phones. Oh how I miss the 90's! Anyhoo, peep the video above to watch in full. :o)

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