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Boot Camp Clik ft. Aaliyah: Night Riders (9th Wonder Remix)

Released: 1997
Recorded: October 1996 – March 1997
Label: Duck Down Records/Priority Records

Here we have a not so familiar, but classic track. There are many versions for this Night Riders track, including one which features another woman named LaVoice singing the hook, (this version is more explicit) which you will find on their album titled For The People, but these are the main two featuring Aaliyah. Personally I prefer the 9th Wonder remix version, as 9th Wonder never fails to disappoint. Production wise, he brings Hip-hop music to life. In comparison to the the radio mix version it sounds very eerie, dark and mysterious with that dirty bass guitar.

Essentially, when you listen to the remix version it just oozes magic. So smooth, and the contrast between the masculinity of the rapping, and the feminine charm Aaliyah brings, definitely marries as one. Apparantly whilst they were recording the remix version, Aaliyah requested that the lights should be turned off, almost pitch black in order to capture the full essence of the track. (No wonder I feel that magical vibe! She truly was a professional and dedicated to what she loved doing). The track itself samples Barry White's – Playing Your Game, Baby which you can listen to down below. Again this is a nice old but gold track showing sultry, melting smoothness. Enjoy everyone! :o)

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