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🔁 via @aaliyah: "Official message from the Estate of Aaliyah Haughton. Thank you for your continued love and support! 🙏"

I want to be excited about this news, Lord knows I do...😩 The constant lets downs are the only reason for me feeling this way, but I'll try my best to stay positive and open minded.

I say this because we've been waiting for a whole 19 years, something that should of happened a long time ago. Aaliyah herself was always ahead of the game, and with this...there's a lot of catching up to do digitally. No doubt Baby Girl will slay, since we've seen evidence of that from her posthumous album #UltimateAaliyah which was illegally uploaded back in 2017 by Craze Productions, racing straight to number 4 on the iTunes charts!

With all that being said, I am truly grateful that things are finally giving way. 🙏🏽❤ The constant battle fans have had to go through just to help towards her legacy such as #AaliyahForMAC, a wax figure for #MadameTussauds but the most important one of all being her #music. Aaliyah literally died doing what she loved the most, just for her fans...for us! The day I finally see her music on streaming platforms will be the day I can finally be at solitude and peace. 💆🏽‍♀️

What are your thoughts?

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