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Aaliyah: Candid Memories

🔁 via @therealjohntaaustin: "I post at least twice a year about you, but I lose track of the actual times that I think of & remember you, your humor, your work ethic, your attempts to learn ATL slang (which were successful) & the way you seemed to light up any environment you entered. Keep saving my place by the 🔥 I’ll be along when I can.

Love from HBK.

This photo was taken during our very first session together. @teddyalexanderbishop and I had just finished record “Miss You” with you. Figured it was appropriate because so many people in the world indeed #missyou

#adh 🖤"

Woww...what a story! Thank you for always sharing your memories of Baby Girl with us all.🙏🏽❤

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