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Aaliyah: 19th Death Anniversary

A A L I Y A H (Sunrise: January 16th 1979 ~ Sunset: 25th August 2001)

19 Years on, and here we are at this same moment in time, reflecting...remembering...and embracing all that you were, and still are to those who loved you sincerely and dearly. 19 years on and your legacy still remains. 19 years on and not a soul can ever emulate and replicate the essence of who you were and are. 19 years on and I still cannot fathom how much time has flown by....

This day has always been bitter-sweet for personal reasons, but I cherish the memories you gave us all during your 22 years of living. A lot of people failed you along the way, but no matter what happens, your fans have always held it down for you. Through hail, sleet and storm, we got you. No one knows the hardships and struggles you had to endure, but you persevered and you carried on doing what you loved the most. And just know that wherever you are, I hope there is peace and solace in your spirit. May you rest in peace eternally, forever...πŸ™πŸ½❤

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