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Aaliyah: McNichols Arena, Denver, 1998 (Rare Photo)

🔁 via @philippembuido: "TBT...with Aaliyah in Denver all those years ago... #aaliyah" He also mentioned in another comment a full background story behind this image saying... "This is in Denver, 1998 for her show at McNichols Arena. She performed with The Superfriends...if I remember correctly: Missy, Timbaland & Magoo and Ginuwine. I promoted her second album “One In A Million” while at Atlantic Records. I was with her on numerous occasions, taking her to urban radio stations, Denver west. I’ve got a few more pics with her which I will post in the near future. It was a pleasure working with such a beautiful human being.💯"

Thank you so much for sharing! Enhanced the image for better clarity too, enjoy! 😊❤ (Update: Found the full version pic below, enjoy!❤️)

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