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Aaliyah: Fatima Robinson Shares Signed Red Album Cover

🔁 via @fatima_noir: "Baby Girl you are my Angel who guides me and protects me. I will never get rid of you and you will never get rid of me. You were pure love and I’m happy I got to share sisterhood with you. ♥️ I never ask anyone for a autograph but I saw the woman you were becoming in this photo and wanted to have a piece of you to always remember. I’m so happy I did."

After so long, I've always been curious about this signed copy, she mentioned when sharing her memories on Aaliyah. You can read below here for a back story...

Friend and choreographer Fatima Robinson shares her memories of Aaliyah.

"Most of you knew Aaliyah as a powerful dancer, a beautiful singer with an angelic voice and a budding actress. I was fortunate to have known her as my dear, kindhearted, sweet-as-pie friend. Since 1995, when I became Aaliyah's choreographer, she has been like a little sister to me. Although she is gone, I will always cherish the precious memories.

I remember that, at the tender age of 16, Li-Li (my nickname for her) was extremely shy, wearing sunglasses to cover her face, letting her hair fall over her eye. Through the years, with gentle persuasion, her good friends helped her lose those glasses, pull that hair back and share with the rest of the world what we all saw: a vibrant, multi-talented goddess.

Although well established in the music business and making her mark in film, it was as if Aaliyah were just getting started when she was killed in an airplane crash in the Bahamas on August 25. I was there with her team of stylists, makeup artists and crew--all of whom were like family to her--for a video shoot for her latest single, "Rock the Boat." As fate would have it, I was not on that plane, which was returning to the States. I had decided to leave on a later flight.

Since that fateful day, I have asked why Aaliyah was taken from us so soon. I still don't have the answer. But I do know that her family, friends and fans will forever miss her and keep her legacy alive. If, one day, I were to have a daughter, and if I were to look for a role model for her, I'd offer Aaliyah. I'd tell her that this young woman reached for her goals and accomplished them without compromising her values. That Aaliyah respected her parents and always put God and family first.

If my daughter were to ask, "Why did Aaliyah have to die so young?" I'd tell her that sometimes it takes a tragedy to open our eyes and hearts to what's most valuable in life, namely our loved ones. You never know when it's your time to go, and you hope you'll be able to tell those you love how you feel before you do.

I am deeply blessed that recently Aaliyah took the time to do something special for me. Before we went to the Bahamas, I asked her to autograph her album cover photo. Though the request was an unusual one between close friends, Li-Li was so excited. Her dedication, which will forever remain inscribed in my mind, read: 

"To my sister, I love you more than you know! You'll never get rid of me! Love always, Aaliyah."

Aaliyah, my sister soul, you live on in my heart, my thoughts and in every rehearsal studio I enter. I know you are looking down from heaven at every move I make.

Aaliyah, your talent, beauty and charm inspired our adoration, but in the end, grace was your greatest quality of all."

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