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Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @rednyc1979: “Me and #Aaliyah #1997#brooklyn #ny I was 17 and gassed. After waiting in line for nearly 3 hours I heard security say, "regardless if this line is done she is leaving in 20 minutes”. I panicked. I had about 10 people in front of me. Finally I got to the front of the line and there was that flawless smile. Mouth full of white teeth just flashing in my direction. We had a brief convo and then I turned around to take this pic. Aaliyah reached out and pinched my side. And she laughed and said here you go. It was one of the most memorable 3 minutes of my life. Shout out to Dawn for making that happen. Everyone has a purpose in my life. So thank you. Can’t even replace that moment #oneinamillion (poor Rashad. I cut his head out back in the day for a collage)" | What a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing that with us all! :o) 

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