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Aaliyah Archives News: Aaliyah For MAC

My edit for the AaliyahForMAC campaign.

As some of you may be aware, a campaign has been launched to allow our beloved Babygirl her very own 'MAC Signature Collection'. The idea first came about by fellow members of #TeamAaliyah who go by the names of Traesha Burke (who you can find via Facebook and Instagram) along with @Regina_Allen (via her Twitter page) who expressed the idea with Aaliyah's Brother, Rashad Haughton. His response thus followed in the most positive way, which you can view below here...

Recently we have encountered more feedback from Rashad, the official Aaliyah Twitter page AND MAC Cosmetics! Check it out below...

As you can see, we may have a chance of turning this campaign into reality! But you are probably wondering "What can I do to help?". There are many things which you can do to help this idea come into fruition. Firstly...


The more signatures we obtain, the more likely we are to receive our Aaliyah signature collections! ;)


For the US...

For the UK...

By email or live chat please visit for the US and the UK.


For daily updates on what's going on, please follow the following pages created by @bionicjen77 who's hard work does not go unnoticed! We appreciate all your efforts girl! :D

INSTAGRAM: @aaliyahformac

TWITTER: @AaliyahForMac


Feel free to use these promos shown below to get people talking...



The final step is probably the most crucial part of achieving our goal. The more social awareness we have, the more likely people will spread the word. This can be done in many ways by...

• Sharing the petition link.

• Sharing the AaliyahForMac social site networks listed above.

• Sharing the promo images (shown above).

• Hash tagging #AaliyahForMAC as often as possible so that we are able to get it trending. Like Rashad said....#MakeItHappen

• If you're a blogger/Vlogger or Makeup Guru, write/talk about the movement so that we can spread the word!

• Get creative! Design your own edits/artwork of what you would like featured in the collection. The possibilities are endless ;) I have personally made my own edit (First image at the beginning of the post) to help do my part. To my surprise, a lot of people took a liking to this. Particularly...

Woww....All I can say is that I am truly honored and humbled by this. Thank you so much guys, this really warms my heart. I am so grateful that both Rashad and Missy, along with everyone else took a liking to my edit, since I really wasn't expecting THAT many people to like it! Lol Anyhoo, it goes to show how something as small as this, can spark awareness. So if I can do it, you guys can too! 

Right now, our main priority is to get Aaliyah's make up artist Eric Ferrell on board. We have already had positive feed back from stylist Derek Lee and Tre' Major. But...if we could also get Timbaland on board too, that would be the icing on the cake ;) Let's help keep Babygirls memory alive and make this happen everyone! :D

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