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As this August comes to a very quick end, Rashad left a special message for all of #TeamAaliyah, back on the 25th of Aaliyah's 14 year death anniversary, for anyone who happened to miss this. 

It's hard to believe that 14 years have passed by since our beloved Babygirl no longer remains with us in the physical form. However, she will always continue to remain with us in spirit just based on her influence alone, through both fashion and music. All these years and I'm proud to say that myself, along with all the other great fans I have come across, still holding down her legacy in the most positive way we know how (including the younger generation who have the best, perfect role model anyone could ever ask for!).

No matter how long a person goes, the raw pain still remains, so as always I will continue to keep The Haughton's in my prayers to give them the strength they need to battle each passing day, month and year. I believe this month has been a very blessed and special one based on the amount of rare photo's we've come across, as well as the MAC campaign which was launched to give Aaliyah her very own signature collection. (Petition link is... if you have not signed already) I'm also eagerly anticipating on Timbaland's unreleased track as well as what are going to launch. Exciting things are happening and I just can't wait any longer! :D

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