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As of yesterday, Aaliyah's Brother Rashad Haughton tweeted some exciting news for all of #TeamAaliyah. Firstly, in regards to possibly having the MAC signature collection in 2017, where I assume Rashad had discussed with MAC as to when they could release the products. I think this makes sense since there is also another signature collection paying homage to the great Selena Quintanilla who, with great support from all her fans coming together as a team, managed to seal the deal with MAC to make an official launch in 2016 next year. So out of respect to her, it would not be right to launch both at the same time, so I can totally understand why MAC said that. Since I haven't posted one of my latest edits on my blogger site, here's the most recent promo I made below, to support the campaign :o)

Edit made by yours truly! :o)

As for the second news...I don't know about you guys, but I am so excited for what is in store! :D Looks like everything is finally coming together. Who knows....we may hear about what is happening come 25th August, which we all know is the most toughest day of all. I'm very grateful that we have some good news to look forward to, on a day where it can be very sad remembering what happened, so I hope this has uplifted peoples spirits, and well being. One love! :o)

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