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Aaliyah: 17 Years Without You

#17Years of a legacy that shall always remain. 🕊🌹 The day I discovered you, was the day I finally found myself, a connection like no other that resonated through my being, like an electric current, running through a circuit. You electrified a passion that has blossomed into something so beautiful, that I shall forever cherish and be grateful for. All the friends I’ve made through this fanbase is all down to you Babygirl. And not a day goes by where I wonder what you would of been doing, had you still of been alive today. 

No matter what some may say, I shall always defend and honour your name since you are no longer here to defend yourself. Like a lioness is with their baby cub, we too are your protectors, just as God is also. The day you left this earth with your final, last breath of air, was the day you transitioned your light of soul into another spiritual dimension. A soul like no other, as there is only one Aaliyah. No one can ever compare or take away from the loving, caring kind hearted spirit that you exuded to the world. 

Wherever you are Aaliyah, I know you are in a good place and for whatever reason, you fulfilled what you needed to within your 22 years of living. Thank you for all that you have given to us, and may the Lord keep anyone who is feeling vulnerable or weak by offering solace, comfort and strength. May he wipe away your tears and help bring a smile to your face through all these rare images, audio and video footage that we continue to see on a daily basis. With Aaliyah in our hearts, forever and always… 🙏🏽💚 #Aaliyah #AaliyahArchives #AaliyahDanaHaughton #AaliyahHaughton #Babygirl #Lili #Liyah #TeamAaliyah #MyEdit #17thAnniversary #Sunset #RIPAaliyah #RIHAaliyah

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