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Aaliyah: 40 år med P3 Soul (Swedish Radio Interview)

A huge shout out to my big sis @aaliyahalways for sharing this interview with myself. This was shared on Aaliyah's 17th Death Anniversary on the 25th. For anyone who hasn't checked this out, you can listen below, or go to the source link below and download for you own listening pleasure. I throughly enjoyed listening to this, and there are some parts which are so hilarious, but I'll try not to spoil it for you guys! 🙊 Let's just say that the audio quality is so crystal clear, that hearing Aaliyah's voice alone is very soothing to the ears! 😌💕 Here's a little synopsis of the interview from P3 Soul,which I translated into English for those who do not speak Swedish like myself. Happy listening! 😎 

"On August 25th, 2001, Aaliyah died in a crash in the Bahamas. Only 22 years old, she had already been involved in creating the framework for the future of high-tech soul.

Together with a young generation of R&B singers, she and the producer Timbaland made the music something more modern and electronic in the mid 90's.

In this week's podium special from 2001 you will hear one of Aaliyah's last interviews that was broadcast the day after her tragic passing away."


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