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Aaliyah: Rare Photo's Courtesy Of Aaliyah.PL

Here are a few rare gems shared by Aaliyah.PL on Aaliyah's 17th anniversary. Thank you guys for sharing these gems with the fanbase! I'm in awe of the lace top she's wearing! Here's the caption they wrote on their instagram page. Enjoy! 😎 

🔁 via @aaliyahpl_: “Babygirl, another year passed without you… 17 long years since you went to heaven, but your impact and legacy goes on, and on, and on… ❤️ Here’s some rare gems for you #TeamAaliyah:
👉 @quincydjones and @warnermusic reception at @vibemagazine Music Seminar on August 29, 1996
👉 #iceboxcom launch party on June 7th, 2000
Full quality pix are in the gallery 😊 #Aaliyah #AaliyahHaughton #AaliyahPL"

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