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Aaliyah: Rare Photo (1998)

🔁 via @rayhorta: “Here’s a cool throwback to 1998 when I still couldn’t grow hair on my chin 😂😂 . I heard Aaliyah was going to be at this private event and I was determined to meet her (back then I was more daring and crazy lol ) I found out where the party was and I invited my friend @mpleitez79 and asked if he was down to try and figure out a way to sneak into this party. Of course he was down. We hid behind trash cans waiting for security to walk away or turn around. We jumped a few fences and walls and when we finally make it in she’s the first person we see. She smiled at us and said hi. Even though her entourage kept telling her they had to go she told them to relax and talked to us for a cool min and took some pictures with us. I’ve hung out and met a few celebrities in my life but she’s the one that stands out the most. She was super sweet, cool and down to earth. #tbt #aaliyah” | What an amazing story to share with a beautiful image to go with it! I know I would of done exactly the same thing just to have a chance to meet her in person! Y'all are so lucky! 😩 

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