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Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @ajcalloway: “Nine people passed on this day fifteen years ago Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Eric Foreman, Anthony Dodd, Scott Gallin, Keith Wallace, Christopher Maldonado, Douglas Kratz, Gina Smith and Luis Morales III may their souls continue to rest in peace. Reflecting on it all, 01’ was a horribly tragic year because 17 days later we were once again devastated on Sept 11. What we have is so precious and that is this day! Love it to the fullest! Live it to the fullest! And always respect, honor and revere Life! #TBT” | Such beautiful, deep words and an amazing photo! 😭😩❤ Thank you so much for sharing with us all! 🙏💚

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