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Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @inkedcurls: “This is a double #tbt for real!!!!! Year was 2001 and my senior class got a chance to go to the one of the hottest music shows out at the time…106 & Park, you know the good one with Free & A.J?! And come to our surprise AALIYAH was the guest of the day and she was premiering her newest single "We need a Resolution” off of her newest album AALIYAH
Did I forget to tell ya how much of a fan I am? Like really. I’m was obsessed with her (slightly still am) That the moment she sat down in front of me, touched my knee to help her sit and then apologized for touching me GIIIIIIIRRRRLLLL I almost died!!! I couldn’t contain myself but I did.
But then to hear of her passing shortly after that was just beyond heart breaking. I cried for a week, seriously! Even went to her funeral. But I thank God for the opportunity to be able to meet her. And smell her hair! That shit was shining from a mile away!!!! (Oh yeah and that’s me in the pink! And her right below me) #ripaaliyah #Aaliyah #FanForLife #BabyGirl#oneinamillion #aaliyahhaughton #aaliyahfans#aaliyahforever"
| Woww…this genuinely made me shed a tear just reading your memory of Aaliyah 😭😢 That was so beautiful! 😩 Anyone who had the opportunity to meet Aaliyah were very lucky! Thank you for sharing! 🙏💚

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