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Aaliyah Archives: News

On the 28th July 2013 marks exactly 3 years since I launched my Aaliyah site. πŸ™Š❤ It often feels longer, since I’ve come across the most amazing friends from #TeamAaliyah. But I would just like to thank all those who support my dedication and passion for an amazing woman who is dearly missed, and still remembered after 15 years. Before the site, I was going through a lot of trials and tribulations outside of the ‘social network’ realm, where some people like to thrive on negativity, not realising that there are much bigger issues in this world to be worrying about. The year I lost my Grandmother was the same year I decided to create #AaliyahArchives

Aaliyah was the only person whom I had (and still do) looked up to as a role model, and she truly was a 'positive motivating force within my life’. It was a way to channel and express myself through words, imagery as well as having a distraction to keep myself busy and responsible for something. To this very day I’m so grateful that all the hardwork and late nights were all worth it, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

To celebrate this anniversary launch, the site address has now officially been named instead of  I thought long and hard about this, and felt it was the perfect time to make things more 'official', by having ownership of something which was created from scratch. Please note that older posts (including the old site name) will automatically redirect you to the new address. But for future reference for anyone who wishes to source anything, please refer to the new address as the main address. Thank you and one love! Peace! 

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