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Irv Gotti: Shares his Memories on Aaliyah

Repost via @irvgotti187: “Happy Birthday Babygirl!! I had the honor of Producing Aaliyah on the Back In One Piece record with DMX. And I can honestly tell everyone. In my time working with her and calling her a friend. Everything that you hear about her is TRUE!! SHE WAS AN ANGEL! A true ANGEL man. When we made that record. (Shoutout and RIP to STATIC MAJOR WHO WROTE THE RECORD. ME AND LIL ROB PRODUCED) I had the studio packed with niggas. Cause I always felt I wanted niggas to love my R&B records. So I had everyone in there so the feel of the record was authentically NIGGA. Hahahah. And do you know Aaliyah. By the end of the session. Had lil nicknames for everyone. And had all these Thug Niggas feeling like she was there close friend for years. I wish Yall can actually have seen what I’m saying. It was one of the most fun sessions I had in working with her. We instantly became good friends. When she passed and I heard the news. I shed tears. Because I knew we lost someone special. But I guess GOD wanted one of his Angels. And usually when I hear people say that. I be like. Whatever. Fuck outta here. But with Aaliyah. I honestly believe that is true. WE MISS YOU. AND WE LOVE YOU BABYGIRL AALIYAH!!! I speak for the entire Hip Hop Communuity. Whenever I die. I hope to see you and have some fun with my friend again. Happy Birthday. IG” | Thank you for sharing your personal memories with us! :o)

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