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First and foremost, I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves over the holiday period! ;) It's a new year, with new beginnings, and as we all know... Babygirl's Birthday is fast approaching! There is no doubt in my mind that we'll be in for some rare, special treats this year. The only question is, what will YOU guys be doing for Aaliyah's 36th Birthday?

This is something which I don't normally do, but anyone who wishes to share with me their personal tributes, videos, artwork, poems etc... for this special day, can do so by emailing me via where I shall personally feature you on my blog! ;) And as always, I shall also be sharing a personal tribute from myself :o)

If you haven't already checked the official Aaliyah site, The Haughton's have sent us all a little message, with a beautiful video to show their love and appreciation which you can read below here...

A Welcome Letter from the Haughton Family...

January 16th

We open this site so people will remember,
enjoy and love the talent,
soul and spirit of Aaliyah,
"the highest most exalted one"...

The Haughton Family


To the Wonderful Fans, "That's What Friends Are For" 
by Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder. 
Thank you...  With Aaliyah In Our Hearts

This was truly beautiful to see! :o) The Haughton's know that #TeamAaliyah will always stay by their side through good and bad times. No matter what happens, "that's what friends are for" ;)  

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