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Happy 36th Birthday To Aaliyah Dana Haughton!

"A Special Message from the Haughton Family. Very early in the morning on January 16, 1979 Michael and I brought Aaliyah Dana with the blessing of God into the world. It took 15 minutes for her to make her presence known. Michael said "I have a beautiful baby girl". Thus the sweet name that followed her through life. We took her home soon after and she met the brother that would love her and that she would love for the next 22 years.Waiting, Mom, Dad, Ra" 

Happy 36th Birthday Aaliyah. I wanted to draw something unique and meaningful for this special day. Aaliyah was always very fond of Egypt culturally and historically. She showed this fondness within what she wore and did musically, mixing eastern with R&B and western flavor. Today we celebrate her life. The Ankh symbol (which Aaliyah had as a tattoo) symbolises ETERNAL LIFE. And I wanted to show this love and beauty by writing her name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. She truly lived up to her name, and I bless her family for sharing such a warm hearted, beautiful spirit. She lives on eternally within all our hearts.

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