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Aaliyah Archives: News & Written Interview (CosmoGIRL! October/November 1999 Issue)

I was a bit taken back about this when I found out, but I thought I would share the news with everyone :o) One of our fellow #TeamAaliyah familia members personally asked Aaliyah's Brother Rashad Haughton about a personal stuffed monkey, in which he replied with the comment above. For all those who are unaware, it was a very sentimental toy which was given to Aaliyah by her Grandmother. In an article, which CameToGiveLove shared awhile back, you can read the written interview below where Aaliyah talks about this, amongst many other things like family, relationships, pet peeves etc... :o)

CosmoGIRL!: October/November 1999 Issue

As you can see, both Rashad and Aaliyah had the same stuffed animal toy which Aaliyah named hers Lina and Rashad Lil'. To know that it's still with her today would of meant a lot to her. But all we can say is that she is finally united with both her Father and Grandmother. This was truly touching to know...

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