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Aaliyah Birthday Tribute: Tiger Poster By Kristan McArthur

Since no one else really reached out to me in regards to tributes apart from this person here, I will be posting tributes which I like instead. Anyhoo...I would like to thank Kristan for sharing this beautiful piece with myself, and because of that, you are the chosen one to be featured on our blog! ;) I also enjoyed reading the email she sent...


I wanted to share a special design I made of Aaliyah. Since I was 10 years old, I have always been a fan of Aaliyah's work when she came on the scene in 1993/1994. I remember hearing Age Aint Nothing But a Number for the first time on the radio and asking my mom to take me to the music store to buy her cassette tape!!! I am 31 years old now and still admire and look up to Aaliyah. Her creative and humble spirit still shines on to this day. This is my birthday gift to her this year...Happy 36th Birthday Aaliyah /.\ Emoji!"

Thank you for sharing lovely! This is truly beautiful beyond words! :o) For more information you can find Kristan via Facebook and her website via

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