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Aaliyah: Shared Memories & Stories by her former Bodyguard

🔁 via @the_wooley_group: “#aaliyah Personal Bodyguard. I was hired by her Father to Protect her through his relationship with #sonsofkingsacademymovement because he knew she would not be compromised. If I were in the Bahamas with her during that fateful incident I would NOT have allowed her to board that plane. Even though she would actually cry sometimes; she would follow my instructions when it came to her safety. She was such a beautiful person inside and out; its difficult to tell she had just finished crying prior to this pic. RIH Dana Haughton. This pic of #joewooley and #Aaliyah was taken just prior to that unfortunate incident in the Bahamas. Yeah; that’s a Smith & Wesson 9mm on one side of the shoulder holster, and a Walther PPK on the other (don’t even ask what she was touching behind my back; and why she was smiling and I was not; she was mischevious at times) Notice the Sons of Kings Academy Movement tag around my neck. That particular day she had done a concert. An exceptional show!!! I would usually be on stage lurking in the shadows; etc. Anyway she was called out for an encore which she absolutely killed it; amazed the crowd into a frenzy. As she came off stage she fell into my arms exhausted and crying. I asked whats wrong. Her response was that she felt she had not done enough to satisfy her fans. I told her are you crazy?!! Do you hear that, they LOVE ❤️ you!! The crowd was still cheering her name 5-10 minutes later. Aaliyah was sooooo exhausted but her main concern was her fans!!! Such a beautiful wonderful pure spirit!!! This pic was taken about an hour after that took place. RIH BABY GIRL" | My heart! 😩😭❤ This literally brought me to tears reading this! Thank you so much for sharing your memories and stories with us all and thanks @aaliyahforeva22 for the tag! 😘❤

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  1. Beautiful tribute and picture, you had that look that even I know what time it was when it came to her! Blessings~