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Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @therealjohntaaustin: “16 years. Long time. Still remember getting the news like it was yesterday. Still remember our last message on the Motorola two way… a "Happy 4th of July” exchange. Still remember taking this photo (that I keep framed in my office) at the end of a long session back when disposable 📷’s were the shit and that shirt on that guy in that music video that you would clown (you know the one). Still remember you giving a crew of guys from the ATL @bryanmichaelcox @jazzepha @teddyalexanderbishop a chance to make some 🔥 for you. Can’t thank you enough. Anyway rest easy. Party and Cracker Jacks when I get there. #adh#babygirl" | Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us all 🙏💚

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