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'D A N A' Produced By John Taylxr (Birthday Tribute)

Album artwork created by my beautiful sis 'Legacy Of Aaliyah' :D

Only one day to go till Lili's Birthday, and I couldn't help but to start the Birthday celebrations early! ;) Here is a special dedication and tribute to our beloved Babygirl titled 'DANA' from my boy John Taylxr, who released 11 tracks in honor of our Queen's 37th Birthday tomorrow! 

I'm so grateful to of had the priviledge of getting to know you, and would like to say that this is a beautiful dedication for Aaliyah, one which she would of been very proud of, as I am too! :o) Having just listened to it all, I can tell that you have taken a lot of time, hardwork and effort into every single track! There are so many favorites to choose from, but I particularly love the Intro, Try Again, Rock The Boat and We Need A Resolution! The creative process of mixing those beats is just too dope! Thank you so much for sharing with all of #TeamAaliyah

I would also like to give a special shout out to my amazing sis Legacy Of Aaliyah for creating yet another amazing edit! Love the album cover hun! ;) I can see why you were chosen to be a part of such a special project! :o) But without further a due...peep the entire track list below, and happy listening! :D

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