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The Balance Room Interview with Eric Seats: The Making Of 'Rock The Boat'

As you all know, Aaliyah's birthday is approaching in the next few days, where we normally come across some amazing rare images, tribute mixes, videos, artwork etc... All of which I always look forward to seeing! :o) So I was merely just browsing away, and happened to come across a post Eric Seats posted via his Instagram page. Soon as I found out it was Aaliyah related, y'all know I was mad hype! lol :D And of course, I wanted to share this with you all!

I have to say...whilst listening to this interview I did get rather emotional when he talked about his memories on Aaliyah and Static Major. However, it was also quite refreshing to learn more about Mr. Seats as an individual alone, who I can honestly say is the most nicest, most humblest person I have come to know. I can definitely see why Aaliyah wanted to work with you! A big thank you for sharing your memories with us all and The Balance Room podcast for having the pleasure of interviewing Mr.Seats. You can listen to the full interview below here!  ;)

Also since this is podcast related, some of you may be aware of this, but for those who are not, I would like to give a special out to my boy @AlmuqicmanLeon and my girl @ChocolateLatina for all their continued love and support. They both run a podcast called 'Your Best Friend On The Mic' touching on a wide range of interesting topics and of course, repping our Babygirl to the fullest! ;) You can check out all their latest podcast episodes via the link here. You definitely won't be disappointed! ;)

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