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My personal AANBN album cover as my poster in my room.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is all well. Now you are all probably wondering what that last tweet was about? But for those who are unaware listen up! I have a special project to announce to all the fans out there, so if you would like to take part, read on for further details. Now, since it's coming close to the 20th Anniversary of Aaliyah's Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album (to be precise May 24th) as a special tribute one of our fellow Aaliyah bloggers and fans are planning to visit New York, Ferncliff (the very place where Aaliyah's gravesite resides) around June time to pay homage to our beloved Babygirl, and also on our behalf for those who are unable to visit. She goes by the name of Sabrina who is the owner of and You can also catch her here via Twitter

Part of this project is where you guys come in. Sabrina herself will be making a printed book collecting pictures of all fans repping the 'AANBN' album. Anyone who would like to take part, please send all pictures to Please note that ALL submissions MUST be received by MAY 5th. If you wish to submit your own personal tribute e.g.– drawings/sketches/poems/writings etc... please make sure they are an appropriate size since Sabrina will personally be taking these with her in her suitcase, so lets help keep her luggage load at a good weight! Lol! As you can see, I have posted my own personal AANBN album cover for this particular post, so I shall no doubt have to take this down and insert it back into my CD case and strike my very best pose. :o) You can also read Sabrina's personal message about this where she said...

"Aaliyah fans & lovers I have an idea to allow you to participate to my trip to New York at the end of June! I wanted you to be able to bring a tribute to Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number for its 20th anniversary! This was the first album of our angel and I think it’s important to show some love and to celebrate it! I prepare something personal but in addition to that I’d like to print a book with pictures of fans reppin the album! I think it would be a fabulous way to show your love and dedication to Aaliyah! And I’m sure that Diane and Rashad would love it ;)
If you want to be a part of the project, you can send me your picture to: All pictures must be received on May 5th! So that I can work on the book and print it (it’s long).I’ll post in most of the groups and pages about Aaliyah, if you want to help this project, please spread the word, I hope I’ll have at least 20 pics to make a beautiful book, I already know how the cover front and back will be :)I’ll as usual take pictures of the book at Ferncliff so that you can live the moment with me.Thank you" sweet of her! I genuinely think this is such a great idea, so please spread the word everyone, it would mean a lot! One Love <3

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