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Aaliyah Always: Fashion Merchandise

So my next few posts will be related to fashion, and how we can use the fashion industry as a way of showing remembrance and honor of people who impacted our lives gratefully. The first one I'll be talking about is someone who is very well known within the dedicated, true Aaliyah fan community. AaliyahAlways has been around for quite some time now, and probably one of my main reliable sources when it comes to anything Aaliyah related. I can honestly say that one of my biggest inspirations came from this blog alone, as I too wanted to showcase my love and remembrance but in a different way. As you all know, our beloved Babygirl was highly into her fashion, and even spoke about owning her own fashion label. Unfortunately, she didn't have the chance for that to become a reality until now, and it's all thanks to all these dedicated Aaliyah fans, who continue to grow and keep her memory alive. 

Now that's not all! What I admire most about AaliyahAlways is how they are giving back to charity through this clothing branch. What makes it even better is that you can too! How you ask? Well...any commission made of these purchased merchandises are donated directly to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund which you can find on the official Aaliyah website. The memorial fund has helped a lot of good causes and in detail this is what it says for those who are unaware...

"In her precious 22 years, Aaliyah achieved more than many do in several lifetimes...An illuminating factor was her conviction to touch and help others. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund was created as a vehicle whereby her fans, friends, and family can contribute to and support causes that Aaliyah found important. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund was started in 2001. For Aaliyah and her comrades that left us August 25th, 2001, there is much we can do as a benevolent community to keep Aaliyah's dream & legacy alive. With your contribution, research and hope for cures will go with your help in Aaliyah's name. The beneficiaries have included since 2001 the Alzheimer's Association of Los Angeles, the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, the National Alzheimer's Association, the Step Up Women's Network, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the Detroit School of the Arts, the Harlem Breast Cancer Center, the Revlon Breast Cancer Walk NYC, the Sacred Heart Parish, and the Jenna Druck Foundation.If donating by check or money order, please make payable to “Aaliyah Memorial Fund” and then please mail to:

Aaliyah Memorial Fund

331 West 57th Street, #281

New York, NY 10019

(Even donating just $1 or $5 is very helpful and very meaningful. Whatever can be offered is greatly appreciated.)With Aaliyah, Keeth, Christopher, Eric, Doug, Gina, Scott, Anthony and Luis In Our Hearts!"

Such a noble deed to do! Anyone who would wish to purchase these merchandises, please visit for more information. Below are some of the clothing range which I happen to absolutely love! Particularly the red, white and black colour combinations! Nice choice! ;)

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