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Aaliyah, Missy Elliott & Timbaland: Rare Photo

🔁 via @johnnynunez: “As we approach January 16th i want to honor my sister in my Flash back friday who Always took the time out to speak not just pose and run off at times she would pull me aside and say Johnny how are you As PR and management/bodyguards etc were trying to say we have to go 
One time she said in a minute the club was called Halo she danced with me that’s the kind of person she was nothing mattered rich poor popular alone she was a friend to everyone always laughing and happy in this picture at Jimmy’s in Harlem she introduced every one to her New artists she signed 1 of them was @therealtank Her close friend from out of town showed up to support @missymisdemeanorelliott @timbaland @aaliyahhaughton #johnnynunez 
Have a Great week everyone 
@cspfashion @followback_com @weenonline@blackgirlsrock #samsungusa” | Wow.. thank you so much for sharing such an iconic pic! 

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