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Aaliyah: Fukuoka, Tenjin, Japan (Tower Records, 1996)

🔁 via @jamosa148: "I was sorting out my old photo book and look what I found? This is late Aaliyah in my home town Fukuoka, Japan in 1996❣️Yes, she came to Japan! She had just released “One In A Million” album and this was an instore event at Tower Records Tenjin💯😭❤️I LOVE ALL HER SONGS🥰❣️昔のフォトアルバム整理してたらレア写真が出てきた😭Aaliyahだよ⚠️1996年わたしの地元福岡展示タワレコでのインストアイベント!福岡の女の子な憧れだったんだよ😭🙏Aaliyahの曲は全曲好き🤍 #ripaaliyah"

Wow I love this! Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to @tiaralways for the tag! ❤ Peep the promo too! Makes me wonder how many other goodies we've been missing out on internationally, especially in Japan! 

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