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Aaliyah: Tommy Hilfiger Commercial in HQ

🔁 via @xxbabygirlaaliyahxx: “Been waiting till #Aaliyah’s anniversary to post this precious gem but IG wouldn’t allow me. 😩 So here it is, the HQ version of BG’s ’@tommyhilfiger’ Commercial. ❤️💙 Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did as I was scrolling through old VCR’s and watching videos… and say that this was recorded too. I was in complete shock that I missed it after all these years. Enjoy watching and hearing the original Tommy Girl’s beautiful voice and beauty in this quality. 💞🙏💫 I don’t know how she did it… slaying without makeup and her hair wasn’t even done. So damn natural! 😍 I can only imagine how dope it would be if they release all of her footage/interviews in HQ too!" | What a gem! 😩😍❤ Thank you so much for sharing all these gems sis! As well as all the tags! I truly appreciate that! 🙏💚 I also asked her if I was able to share this via my Youtube page, which she happily agreed to (thanks once again 😉😘❤️), as I've not come across such a high quality version anywhere in terms of audio, as well as seeing the commercial it's full entirety! So without further a due, sit back, relax and watch the video below! Enjoy! 😎

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