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Aaliyah: Disco at Bret Ratners House, 2000

🔁 @eliane.nicole: “I think I posted this one before but I love it so it’s worth a repost. Here we are at the disco at Bret Ratner’s house, must be summer 2000. Pictured here:Me, @kidadajonesog , Aaliyah, @nicolerichie, and Nicole’s friend. Anniversaries really have a way of making you travel down memory lane. So many beautiful fun memories with Aaliyah. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ btw that’s Adam 12 (@adambravin ) in the circle in the background in the DJ booth tearing it up on the ones and twos. I can’t even describe how he used to rock it at those discos. Aaliyah loved to dance the night away until sunrise, we all did. The party didn’t start until midnight. Some of the most fun parties in the history of LA parties at the Rat disco that summer. Oh the stories I have. And it was pre social media and tabloids so we could do whatever we wanted! #RIPAaliyah #babygirl” | Thank you so much for sharing your memories as well as this beautiful photo! You’re very lucky to have personally known Aaliyah and shared those fun times with her! 🙏💚

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