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Aaliyah: Fiji, 1998 (Rare Photo)

🔁 via @eliane.nicole: “Aaliyah and me in the beautiful ocean in Fiji. This was such a special trip. She rarely vacationed because she worked constantly since she was a very young girl, so it was so nice and very rare for her to have this downtime with friends. We were there for 3 weeks from December 1997, to January 1998. We rang in the new year in Fiji. Her loyal fans always hit me up asking me to share pix of her. It is so wonderful how much they love her and keep her memory alive on social media even 16 years after her passing. She never saw Facebook, IG, any of it, but I know she would be so tickled by it all and touched that her fans do daily posts and are so reverent in keeping her legacy alive! ❤️❤️#beautifulmemories #babygirl #Aaliyah” | Thank you so much for sharing with us all! 🙏💚 Love seeing Aaliyah in her braids! 😩😍❤

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