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Aaliyah Archives: News

Hey everyone! Sorry I've not been posting as much! 🙈 If any of you follow me via Twitter, you'll know that I've been going through some personal issues over the last month. However...I am back and ready to spread love to all the fans across the world (sounds familiar right? 😉 lol) As you all know, last month was Aaliyah's 38th Birthday, where we tend to come across a lot of rare images. Since I've not had a chance to post them on here, for anyone who has missed out, you're in luck, as I shall be posting ALL of them! As you can see from above, we had a special birthday message from The Haughton Family via 🙏 I was always curious as to when Diane Haughton's Birthday actually was! So this was definitely a pleasant surprise! ☺️❤︎

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