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Aaliyah: Signed Photo to Al Pacino

🔁 via @dionjackson: “@aaliyahdanahaughton’s favorite actor was Al Pacino. She knew I was training him, and she asked me if it’s OK for me to give him this autographed picture. I did. She was as sweet as pie. Much love to Diane, Michael, and Rashad! Dance choreographer Super Star @fatima_noir, and The Alley Kat Dance Studio Director June Brown introduced her to me. Much love to people keeping her alive! @aaliyahalways, and @aaliyah_archives.#aaliyah #aaliyahdanahaughton #timberland #missyou #missyelliot #hiphop #singer #actor #alpacino #music #dance” | Thank you so much for sharing your memories and story with us all! 🙏💚

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