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Aaliyah: Promoting 'One In A Million' Album In New Orleans (1997) Video Snippet (RARE)

🔁 via @adellhenderson101 “Here’s a #tbt with me and Aaliyah from 1997 that’ll never get old. She was promoting her instant classic ‘One in a Million’ album, and I was in college doing my local music video show 'Flexin…wit Adell’ on location in New Orleans long before YouTube. My bro @iamthahitman put me on that album early.@timbaland and @missymisdemeanorelliott turned a game changing corner sonically with this project which started a helluva run. I never saw babygirl again in person but I felt a huge reconnection to her at the time of her death in 2001 because I had just reviewed her self titled album 'Aaliyah’ for @YahooMusic. Shout out to @lyndseyparker and@billyjohnsonjr for looking out. So crazy to think it’s been 15 years. I’m definitely not new to this. #Aaliyah #RIP #MichiganMade #Flint #Detroit #Brooklyn #MSU #OG #HipHop #NewOrleans#YouTube #Yahoo #Flexin” | Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏💚

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